Europe 2015


A glance at the map above will give you an overview of our very ambitious and extensive travels in and around the Mediterranean area — and a click on the “Recent Posts” just to the right will get you to the places we’ve been. We were gone about seven weeks and subsequent posts will give you a glimpse of the places we visited. Even though we took zillions of pictures, my intention is to be rather selective with our own pictures and rely more on internet web sites to capture the beauty, the culture and history of the places we have visited.  We traveled with good friends Dean and Jill Elliott from our old home town of Ridgecrest CA and have traveled many times with them in the past.

My thanks to Janet at “Ronda The Most Romantic Town in Spain” for the inspiration to create this blog memory of our travels – and a preview of our own journey to Ronda.



                     Dean & Jill Elliott


Don & Diana Johnson

When I joined the Navy back in 1964 I had visions of taking a “Med Cruise.” Finally we raised anchor and set sail on this old sailor’s Med Cruise.

This site is a work in progress, but for the most part is very much complete. We hope you will enjoy visiting what we saw and did … and of course at your own leisure. .


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